Kai Thomas


Exciting changes are coming to this site soon. Please keep an eye out for that!


Award-winning customer support engineer turned versatile web developer with a talent for problem-solving, an eye for detail, and the unique perspective of a first-generation college graduate. Skilled in both front-end and back-end engineering, I excel in responsive and accessible design and am committed to delivering high-quality results that delight users.

My Work

Mouii Space

I developed this art portfolio for a client and worked closely with her to ensure the site was exactly what she wanted. While she handled the overarching, macro level design, I came up with many of the smaller design elements. The backend of this site runs on Node.JS and MongoDB, it is hosted using OpenLiteSpeed. The front end is standard HTML and CSS, as well as EJS and some Bootstrap. The code for this site is not on my GitHub to respect my client's privacy.

Pampered Pooch

I designed and developed this website for the local dog grooming business Pampered Pooch in Boulder, CO. This was a great excercise in working directly with a client and designing with audience in mind. I provided branding and copy writing services as well as the design and development of the site. I am not managing the long term hosting for this site, so if it is not rendered you can find a back up here.

Freshwater Fishdex

I designed and developed this website for a client who loves fishkeeping and aquariums. Fishdex is themed after the original Pokedex and should be a blast from the past for anyone who is familiar. There aren't that many fish added yet, but I'm adding more all the time. The backend runs on Node.JS and MongoDB, with EJS for templating, and HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap in the front end.

Parallax Menu Design

This is an interesting and modern menu design that I coded up in a day. Hovering over the menu items causes the images to scale and shift, creating a parallax like effect.

Minimalist To-Do List

I'm using MongoDB Atlas and Cyclic for this project. Cyclic is a completely free service, so this web app runs a bit slow. At the root directory is the main To-Do List. I would use this for groceries, chores, and other day-to-day tasks. The "/work" sub-directory is another To-Do List which I would use for work related tasks, such as meetings, deliverables, and watering your desk plant :). There is currently no system in place to support multiple users. Anything you enter in the To-Do List can be seen by anyone who visits the site. Please keep it light-hearted and appropriate as this project is just for fun.

Converter Web App

A fully functional web converter which should meet all of your most common converting needs. This is a remake of a group project I led in college. If you'd like to view the original to see how far I've come here's the site and the code.


Web Design

I can work directly with clients to design a beatiful website that looks great on any device and any browser.

Web Development

Once everyone is happy with the design I will build a fast and responsive website using modern technologies.


I can help clients and businesses create or improve brand design with a target audience in mind.

Copy Writing

I have a background in literature so I can expertly help clients describe what makes their business awesome.








I am open to full and part time remote employment as well as direct-to-client gig work. Shoot me an email or find me online at the links below!